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Turnovers Topple Tigers vs Kent State

September 5, 2012

Going into the game against the 1-A Kent State Golden Flashes, Tiger Town was optimistic.  Kent State did not have a stellar season last year and are clearly on the lower end of the totem pole when it comes to 1-A schools.  

With Grant Enders, Terrance West, and Jordan Dangerfield leading the way, a competitive game was surely in store.  Some “experts” had the Golden Flashes on upset alert and could foresee a Tiger win.

With excitement in the air, Towson students gathered in Paws to watch the action.  The energy and buzz would soon be sucked out of the room.

The Golden Flashes seemed to be more than ready for the reigning CAA champs.  It seems like if any team had underestimated the other, it was Towson underestimating Kent State.  

The Golden Flashes were soaring, the Tigers were flat, and Paws was silent.  

Towson had four first half turnovers coming in the form of fumbles and interceptions.  The miscues had Towson students burying their faces in their hands.

“They look like the Tigers from two years ago,”  said Towson senior, Ben Verovsky.  “They are playing careless football and it leads to all of these mistakes.  It is really sad and hard to watch.”

Hard to watch it certainly was.  At halftime Paws had begun to empty out as the Tigers were already licking their wounds.

Senior nursing major, Amy Gartner did not want to leave but did found herself following the crowd.

“I stuck around into the third quarter and then I looked around and realized I was one of only a few people sitting at my table, Gartner said.  “All of my friends had disappeared.”

When the clock finally ran out the Golden Flashes had dominated Towson 41-21.  The Tigers committed six turnovers which will need to be remedied fast before their next game.

That next game is happens to be against the William & Mary Tribe.  The Tribe faced off against the Maryland Terrapins in their first game and gave the Terps a hard time.  The Terps barely edged the William & Mary 7-6.

Before the season began coach Rob Ambrose said if his team wanted to reach new heights they had to do something different.  I certainly hope that committing six turnovers was not what he had in mind. 


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