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Tigers Need to get Focused and Passionate to gain Success

September 12, 2012

Football is in the air here at Towson University.  With only a few days until the Tigers play their home opener against William & Mary, the excitement is in the air.

Gameday at the “U” signs have popped up around campus and student tickets have been flying out of the box office.

There is no doubting that not only is the anticipation high in Tiger Town, but expectations are as well.  But could the success of last year be setting us all up for a massive let down?

After an epic turnaround last season that saw Towson claim a CAA title and a playoff birth; the Tigers head into the season ranked in the top 10 in the nation.

Obviously this leads to pretty have confidence, as it should.

But, could something like this potentially be a “kiss of death” for a team so new to success?

What scares me is that Towson had an outstanding year last season and barely lost any starters.  The entire conference saw that the Tigers are capable of and will no longer treat them as the pushover team of old.

As it has been said: Towson was the hunters now we are the hunted.

Are the Tigers ready for that kind of a challenge.  The team only won one game two seasons ago, so nobody saw them as a threat the following season.  Now, they have the target on their backs and everyone is coming for them.

You hear coaches in all sports talk about the hardest thing to do is repeat as champions.  That is because everyone is coming full throttle at you when they face you.

This type of level of play and pressure is brand new to the Tigers.  The intensity is going to be cranked way past 11.

By no means am I saying that the football team is walking around all cocky with their noses in the air with no clue what they are in for.  But you have to wonder if their focus is all there.

One thing that worried me was the lack of enthusiasm that the team showed when asked to show their pride and passion at the pep rally.

Rudy Ruettiger (the ultimate underdog from Notre Dame) spoke at the pep rally and asked the team to show their passion by demonstrating their team chant (link to the video below).  The Tigers huddled and ran through the motions while laughing.

Ruettiger said that was good but said that he can tell a team is ready to play when they are not afraid to show their passion and asked the Tigers to try it again.

After being called out in front of their fans and fellow classmates the Tigers responded and chant to remember.

Let us hope it will not take any extra prodding for the Tigers to be ready to go to war Saturday at Johnny Unitas Stadium.


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