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See You at the “U”!

September 13, 2012

Despite my comments in my last post where I sound like a total grump about the football team, I cannot wait any longer until September 15.  That is the day when all becomes right in the world (at least my world) again, when there is a true balance to the universe.  Football will be back at Towson University.

Everything about gameday is pure bliss.  The walk to the stadium, the tailgating, being with friends, more tailgating, pregame festivities, kickoff, the band blasting ESPN, and of course a Tigers’ victory.

If you have not experienced a Towson home game then you are truly missing out.  The camaraderie created between you and your fellow classmates is a great feeling.

You find yourself high-fiving, and sometimes even hugging, total strangers after Terrance West scampers into the end-zone.

“It is a great way to let loose after a long week of classes,” says Junior Towson student Scott Grodofsky.  “I can hang out with my friends and just be totally crazy before having to write that 10 page paper or read 20 chapters.”

Going crazy and dancing like a maniac with the person beside you at halftime when the band plays ESPN over and over and over again.

Then coming together with the football team and singing the fight song following the game.

These simple moments are moments that anyone in attendance will remember forever.

The memories of cheering as Grant Enders finding Tom Ryan deep down the sideline, Jordan Dangerfield laying out an unsuspecting wide receiver or Romele Tucker demolishing quarterbacks will forever play in our minds.

Being able to share all of these with good friends makes it all so much better.

There is one piece of business I would like to handle.  Do NOT leave at halftime.  Most of us remember how dreadful two seasons ago was.  Last year the team obviously turned it around in a big way and people were still flooding out of the door at half.

The Tigers have fought tooth and nail to get to where they are now.  They deserve our support.

So come on out to Johnny Unitas Stadium to watch OUR Towson Tigers dispose of William & Mary.  Be crazy, paint your faces, jump around and scream until you no longer have a voice.

I hope I’ll see you at the “U”! (for the whole game)


In case you need more help getting pumped for the game, I hope this video helps:


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