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Tiger Pride Shines Through the Rain

September 27, 2012

Prior to the game against William & Mary I wrote a post encouraging students to come out to Johnny Unitas Stadium and support their Tigers football team.  To pack the student section and scream until their voice is gone, jump around, and make their presence felt in the stadium.

Looking at the way the student section was this past weekend, there is only one way to describe it: Mission accomplished.

The student section was packed well before the game kicked off, and you could feel the energy in the air.

Energy would not be the only thing in the air for long.  With about 40 minutes left before kickoff and the Tigers on the field warming up, the heavens opened up and down fell the rain.

In recent years a down-pour like this would send students looking for cover, or sometimes back to their rooms. But not this time, this time the rain signaled the start of a party.

“T-U” chants rang out, followed by “Let’s go Towson!”  Students were cheering, jumping up and down, and dancing.

“It was a party,” said sophomore Michael Janowitz.  “I have never been a part of something like that.  It was incredible.”

Janowitz was not the only one to sense the electricity being produced from the stands.  Tigers players and coaches noticed as well.  Players motioned at the student section to get louder and clapped their hands in acknowledgment of their peers.

The biggest thrill was when head coach Rob Ambrose ran over to the student section and turned his energy up way passed 11.  Encouraging the students to get louder, coach Ambrose pumped his fists and ran up and down the track.

When the rain stopped the field was empty and the sun crept over the scoreboard producing a moment that prompted many to whip out their cameras/phones and take pictures of the beautiful sight that was before them:

Some student proclaimed that this was a divine sign of things to come.

The students were now primed to go even crazier.  It would take just a small spark to send the “U” into another frenzy.

That spark was supplied by the entrance of the football team through smoke, flames, and fireworks (pictured at the top of this post).

The  students erupted and the rest is history.  Tigers would roll on to a 46-17 victory.

The kind of energy and passion that came out this weekend needs to be present every game.  It truly makes a difference and it was clearly evident this past weekend.


Check out what Coach Ambrose had to say about the students in his post game comments:


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