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#saveTUBaseball #saveTUsoccer

October 3, 2012

I want to take a moment to comment on Towson athletics in general.  Not necessarily football, but the athletic department in general.

On Tuesday, students received an email from President Loeschke stating that Athletic Director Mike Waddell has recommended discontinuing the men’s soccer and baseball teams, adding roster spots to select women’s teams and adding a men’s tennis team.

The motivation behind this is to reach three goals:

1) Establish long-term financial stability of the athletics program.

2) Increase competitiveness of the athletics program.

3) Maintain compliance with federal law concerning female-to-male athlete proportionality.

Here is my issue:

AD Waddell wants to establish financial stability of athletics, increase competitiveness and maintain compliance with federal law.

I am going to play devil’s advocate here.  I am a huge basketball fan but hear me out.  Cut the men’s basketball team.

The basketball team does not make that much money.  I have gone to basketball games.  They get little more attendance than the volleyball team.

Increasing competitiveness.  The soccer team had one less win last season than the basketball team’s total wins over the last two seasons.  The baseball team has had winning reecords 14 out of the last 16 seasons.

Now I am not saying cut the basketball team.  I am saying do not cut any team.

It is not fair to totally trash two quality teams, full of kids who have committed to the University.  In soccer’s case some of these kids have come all the way from Europe, one even from Israel.  To tell these kids (who probably had dozens of offers) that their team is over is despicable.

If Mike Waddell truly believes in caring for “his student-athletes” I encourage him to act like a leader and be more transparent and not blindside everyone with this.

I have been praising the students for their tenacity and passion at football games.  I implore students to take that passion and throw it behind these two teams.

There is a website you can visit to express your opinion:

#saveTUbaseball #saveTUsoccer


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  1. This issue needs to be made aware to people outside the TU community

  2. Wouldn't You Like to Know permalink

    As an alumnus of Towson University, I have nothing but fond memories of attending baseball games as a student, sitting on the grassy hill with friends and enjoying a spring afternoon. Though it certainly does not come close to approaching the overall popularity of collegiate football or basketball, it is a mainstream American sport, one that definitely has it’s place on a college campus such as Towson’s. That said, if there are financial matters to be considered in regards to the program (i.e. it is far more of a burden than an asset as it relates to the budget), then there may be some serious merit to the recommendations made by the Athletic Department. Is it fair to the current student-athletes who have committed to this university? Absolutely not. But unfortunately, sometimes the hardest decisions are the ones that will ultimately yield the most positive long term results for the campus. For those upset over the fact that the university is just trying to comply with Title IX–don’t be angry with Towson. The problem is more of one on a national level. But that is a whole other discussion 🙂

  3. I think if any team is cut, it should be basketball. :/

  4. Lee permalink

    I don’t think it’s fair to the baseball and soccer players. If anything, they should cut the basketball team.

  5. Staci permalink

    Baseball, a great American pastime and an all American game, how does a university cut this team from the school? Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and you want to get rid of that also? This is a bad idea. I personally love going to the baseball games here at Towson University. The sense of community that this situation (the possibilities of both teams being cut) is causing should show people how much we, as students and alumni, care about these two teams. Like everyone else is saying, get rid of basketball- our baseball and soccer teams actually WIN games!!
    SaveTUSoccer SaveTUBaseball

  6. scott permalink

    save towson baseball and soccer. Baseball is americas pastime and soccer is one of the biggest sports in the world. We should be able to see fellow students play baseball and soccer because it keeps us united as a school.

  7. Kevin permalink

    I think more people need to get behind this to save these two great sports. I know I would be devastated if I played soccer or baseball my whole life and just when I finally realized my dream of playing in college, got the rug pulled from under me. Help save TU baseball and soccer!

  8. Caitlin permalink

    Baseball is the great American sport! Cutting that would be ridiculous. Sports are a great way for the students to come together and support their school. If teams are cut, then students will lose a reason to show their pride in their school.

  9. Ben permalink

    Personally, I agree that we need to keep TU baseball and men’s soccer around. Not only do we have a baseball field that would become redundent if TU cut the aforementioned programs, but also (as you mentioned) it would be unfair to our players from other nations to so suddenly pull the rug out from underneath them. Where would they go after their team gets scrapped? As Towson students, we cannot sit idly by and allow our Tiger athletes to be treated like they suddenly don’t matter. We need to voice our support for TU Baseball and Men’s Soccer as much as possible, and pray that the athletic department comes to their senses.

  10. jessica permalink

    I don’t think it would be fair to cut any team. Every team has students who are here to play their sport; students who may have chosen another college if it weren’t for playing their sport here.

  11. Rae permalink

    I feel that the baseball team has proved themselves worthy of keeping for the university. The basketball team has only made media coverage with their losing streak which is not an impressive trait for Towson University. Towson needs to consider the athletic department as a whole, and what each team has or has not done to represent its university. When using funds, the athletic department should first consider which area truly deserves funding. The baseball team is being punished for doing nothing wrong.

    Is this justice? According to the Towson University athletic department it is…way to go ladies and gentlemen!

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