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Take a Moment to Appreciate How Far We Have Come

October 3, 2012

For all the freshmen and sophomores pay close attention.  For all the juniors and seniors I apologize for opening old wounds, but just think of where we are now.

Two years ago, Towson football was garbage.  It is blunt, I know, but it is true.

The football team stunk.  One win.  That is all the Tigers could muster two seasons ago.  One win against Coastal Carolina.  A game that took four overtime sessions to finish.  We could have very well not won a game all season.

We were the rag dolls for the entire CAA conference.  Teams came into Johnny Unitas Stadium and walked all over Towson. The student section was empty by halftime.

The band playing “ESPN” and the dance team were the highlights of the game.  Maybe you would get a t-shirt.

Going into last year we all certainly thought it could not get any worse than it was the year prior.

None of us expected to be putting up 30, 40, 50 points a game.  None of us expected to only lose one game in the CAA, to be ranked nationally, and to reach the playoffs.

We used to go to games expecting to get our brains beat out.  Now we go to games expecting to win.  The culture has changed without a doubt.

We have gone from utter despair in the (empty) stands to total dominance.  We have gone from having to play four overtimes just to eek out a win against Coastal Carolina to having LSU on the ropes.

The student section is full once again and it is alive.  Towson football is a force to be reckoned with.  We owe it to coach Ambrose, Jordan Dangerfield, Tom Ryan, Frank Beltre and others.  They have put in the work and dedication to revive this program.

What was once a looked over part of Towson is now our brightest shining light.  It is a beaming sense of pride.

So for all of the freshman and sophomores who have had this wonderful football experience from the beginning of their time at Towson, appreciate what you have here.  Appreciate the hard work and long journey that has gone into what you see on the Minnegan field on the weekends.

For you juniors and fellow seniors, enjoy this.  Take extra pride in the football team.  Especially those of you who attended every game and supported the team when they were at their lowest of lows.

What I am trying to say, at the end of the day do not just quickly look over the LSU game as simply a great effort.  Take pride in what OUR Tigers did.  The message they sent to the football world this past weekend.

Although it was a loss, let it motivate you to come out crazier and louder when Maine comes to our house.

Keep the passion up Towson, the whole nation has its eyes on us now.



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