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Towson Students Take on Old Dominion’s Band

October 25, 2012

Towson’s football team fell to Old Dominion this past Saturday.  However, Towson students refused to give in to the Monarchs.

Despite being down 17 – 6 at halftime, Towson students kept their competitive fire alive thanks to Old Dominion’s marching band.

ODU’s marching band performed during the halftime show.  At the conclusion of the performance, the band turned and marched towards Towson students.  They proceeded to blast the ODU fight song at student section.

All this did was reignite the rabid student section, after ODU’s football team had silenced them in the first half.

The band now became the targets of taunts and jeers from the crowd.  When ODU’s football team returned to the field they looked surprise to be facing a loud rambunctious student section.

The crowd noise seemed to assist the Tigers on the field as they were able to finally find the end-zone in the third quarter and closed the gap on the Monarchs.

While the win did escape Towson, the pride remains intact.

The Johnny Unitas Stadium crowd remained loud throughout the game and continued to let Old Dominion’s team hear mass amounts of trash talk, both clever at times and vulgar at others.

“They pissed us off,” said Towson sophomore Ben Price.  “To come over to our seats and blast their song in our faces.  What a classless move.  We had no choice but to get louder.”

It is that kind of passion and culture that has become permanent at the “U” ever since last year, and it continues to grow.

With one home game remaining and Towson’s playoff chances in jeopardy, the student section needs to remain loud and intimidating to help the Tigers return to the postseason and finish the season out strong.



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